Choose baytrends Output

1a. Load final file

1b. Load user file

Select CSV input file

After upload (~ 3 second / MB) the data will appear below.

2. Filter Data


The number of unique entries by station are in the table below. Modify filters and click 'Apply Filters' if value is greater than one.

For 'final' files, the only field that requires filtering is 'Map Layer'.

For 'user-created' files, you may need to filter by 'Parameter', 'GAM', 'Layer', 'Period', and 'Season'.

Plot Data Range

Range Map Options

Must 'update' map prior to save.

Custom classes/breaks can be input below. Leave blank to use number of classes as specified above. Need one more number than the number of intended classes.

Plot Data Change

Change Map Options

Must 'update' map prior to save.

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